Perpetual Trophies Dec 17, 2014

The club has created and approved new criteria for determining the Perpetual Trophy Winners. This was done to level the playing field between all members and their Weimaraners competing for the clubs perpetual trophies. Our hopes are that all members will have an equal opportunity for each trophy and if no points are won in a given competition, show entries will determine the winner.

There have also been comments that the banquet for awards and the competitive year are too far apart. This year your entry for a trophy(s) must be received no later than February 1, 2015. The awards banquet and Trophy presentations will occur in conjunction with the annual VSWC Specialty also in February. These awards will be for events occurring in 2014.

See the list of Perpetual Trophies, the new Rules and explanations, for each trophy, as to how the scoring will be done. Scoring sheets available in PDF or Excel to assist you in keeping track through out the year.