Weimaraner Books
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The Weimaraner by Jack Denton Scott, Fawcett-Dearing Publishing, 1953.
Oldest known book about Weims and extremely rare, Argosy and Field and
Stream articles, early theories on the origins of the breed, excerpts from
the Weimaraner Magazine.
The Complete Weimaraner by William W. Denlinger, Denlinger, 1954.
Second oldest book about Weims, excellent info about origins of the
breed in Germany to North America, many old photos.
This is the Weimaraner by Ernest H. Hart, TFH Publications, Inc., 1965.
Out of print with history and many photos of the great dogs that are the
foundations of most of today's lines.
The Guide to Owning a Weimaraner by Anna Katherine Nicholas, June 1, 2001.
Designed to assist new owners in all facets of living with Weimaraners.
From selecting the right Weimaraner for you to answering the most frequent
questions regarding health, nutrition, and training.
Weimaraner Ways by Virginia Alexander and Jackie Isabell, Sunstar, 1994.
Definitive and seminal book about the breed, in-depth study and history,
photos and art. Referred to as "The Weimaraner Bible." This new 2010 edition
is the last in print by Virginia Alexander and is in limited supply
Weimaraner Memory Yearbook The Weimaraner celebrates 100 years!
Detailing the exciting celebrations about this historic event held in Weimar,
Germany 1997. "Yearbook" style utilizes as many photos and graphic images
as possible. Film laminated, case bound cover 9" x 12", ~255 pages.
Know your Weimaraner by Earl Schneider, Per Library Ltd.
Contains a overview on the breed, 64 pages and lots of photos in black
and white and color.
The Weimaraner (Learning about Dogs) by Charlotte Wilcox, Capstone Press,
1999. A pleasantly written book containing 48 pages and lots of photographs.
A nice, elementary introduction to the Weimaraner breed.
Weimaraners (All About Dogs) by Charlotte Wilcox, Edge Books, July 1, 2011.
Introduces the history, development, uses, and care of the Weimaraner,
a gray dog, formerly used as a hunting dog for the rich. Includes photo diagram
and general facts about dogs.
A New Owner's Guide to Weimaraners by Judythe Coffman, TFH Publications,
July 1999. 160 pages and lots of illustrations and photographs including
pictures of the longhaired Weimaraner. Advice on housebreaking, health
care, puppy care and training, as well as brief but concise chapters on the
history of the breed and showing your Weimaraner.
Weimaraners (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) by Lavonia Harper, Kennel Club
Books, March 1, 2004. Provides factual information about Weimaraners and
their ancestry, character and standard, as well as puppy selection, feeding,
training and preventative health care. The new owner will welcome advice
about puppy-proofing the home, preparing for the puppies arrival,
housebreaking and preventing puppy problems.
Weimaraners (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Susan Fox, Barron's
Educational Series, October 1, 2011. The Weimaraner is an extremely active
dog, but also makes a good post for owners who are able to give him plenty
of exercise. This book covers the basics of pet care, primarily written for
prospective and inexperienced pet owners.
How to Raise and Train a Weimaraner by Arthur Libers and Paul Jeffries.
September 22, 2012. A nice book, 70 pages, with lots of pictures useful as a
first introduction to the breed.
One Unforgettable Journey by K B Lacoste and Dan Stallings,
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, July 23, 2012.
A chance meeting with an unexpected puppy captured Dan's heart, and
before he knew it he was getting certified as a dog trainer.

Many of these listings are from WCA. There are many other excellent publications about weimaraners, these are just a few. If you have a recommendation, please let us know! Notice you have to remove any adBlock software to see the book covers which link to the books purchasable on Amazon.