Date Change! VSWC Member Meeting - Thursday, February 21, 2019

Come to our meeting for dinner and be part of what we love to do - talk about our weims! Hope all members, new and old, will be able to attend. 

So we can spend time with our loved ones, we've moved the meeting date from Valentine's Day to the following week on the 21st. 

Thinking of joining? Now is the perfect time to be part of our club!

Dinner starts at 7:00pm and the general member meeting begins at 7:30pm in the small banquet room at Garcia's Restaurant on 2212 North 35th Avenue. 

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- - VSWC's 2019 Specialty Show Entries Close January 16th - -

                        Please join us for 6 SHOWS in 5 DAYS!

You don't want to miss this! The VSWC Specialty Show is Friday, February 1, 2019 (closes on Wednesday, January 16, 2019).

The annual HEART OF THE DESERT CLASSIC Group Shows, Independent Specialty & Concurrent Specialty Shows will be at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix from Thursday, January 31st through Monday, February 4th.


There are TWO PREMIUM LISTS for the cluster. Group Shows & Specialties are published in one premium and the All-Breed Shows are published in the other. 

Download both premium lists here:

  1. Premium List for Group Shows & Specialties
  2. Premium List for All-Breed Shows

Entry & Event Info - Onofrio
All Breed Health Clinic

All Breed OFA Health Clinic - February 10th, 2019


  1. Clinic hosted by the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Central Arizona (CKCSCCAZ). All breeds are welcome!
  2. The WCA recommends Penn Hip evaluations or OFA certification for hips as well as, OFA clearances for thyroid and eyes to be CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) certified.
  3. All  testing by appointment only.  All appointments will be made directly with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Central Arizona, Inc.  No appointments will be held until payment is received.  You will be notified of your appointment time the week prior to the clinic.
  4. Services must be paid for in advance - NO REFUNDS FOR CANCELLATIONS, MISSED OR LATE APPOINTMENTS.
  5. Mail-in registration or online shopping cart is available. Please click link below:


March 10, 2018 - Snake Breaking Clinic

For the newbies, "snake breaking"  is aversion training so your dog does not go after snakes, and in fact, avoids them and may alert you to them.

Snakes are active during warm weather, which in Arizona means snakebite season typically lasts from April through October. 

September is the month when more snakebite calls are received than any other month of the year. However, during the hottest summer months, the snakes are less active during the day, meaning fewer interactions with people and fewer bites. Come September, when temperatures become more tolerable and mornings are cooler, the snakes increase their daytime activity and more human interactions occur, resulting in more bites.

This clinic is being held at the Deer Creek Animal Hospital site, 3025 E. Rose Garden Lane in Phoenix from 7am-10am. Email at ramaher@juno.com or call Rick Maher at 623-258-7193 to RSVP a spot at for the next clinic.  

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